Pantech Vega Racer 2 benchmark scores

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Pantech unbeiled its flagship smartphone Vega Racer 2 with a 4.8 inch HD display and running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in May.

Pantech is a one of the biggest handset company in Korea. Smartphones Pantech makes have pretty good quality. But Vega Racer 2 is losing attractive after launching LG Optimus LTE2 and Samsung Galaxy R style.

Design of Vega Racer 2 is boring. Nothing much changed compare to Vega Racer 1. Ceramic back cover is not impressive. It’s TFT-LCD sucks. Most of New smartphoens in Korea have over 2000mAh battery. How can I say Vega Racer’s 2020mAh battery is feature thing? LG Optimus LTE2 has 2GB RAM. Why should I choose 1GB RAM of Vega Racer 2? The prices are not that different.

Pantech is a big fan of Qualcomm. Vega Racer 2 also powered dual core Snapdragon S4. But LG and Samsung are using the same processor for their smartphones. One of Pantech’s executive said that It’s hard to secure processor chips from Qualcomm because of other handset companies. 

Now could be sad moment for Pantech. Pantech might be making new smartphone powered Quad Core Snapdragon processor. I expect next smartphone of Pantech. Not this moment.

Anyway, Vega Racer 2 benchmark scores below.

AnTuTu : 6798
Qudrant : 4850
Nenamark2 : 57.1 fps
Vellamo : 2347

Screen shots and details below.

I will show you guys LG Optmus LTE2 Benchmark soon.

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